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Essay topics

Choosing an Essay Topic How to select an essay topic?

Selecting an essay topic is one of the most vital aspects of writing an essay. However, it is one of the most challenging parts of developing an essay. There are some significant tips of selecting an essay topic. First, it is important to choose a topic that interests the author. Secondly, it is appropriate to choose a topic that the writer knows about. Thirdly, it is advisable to choose a topic that is specific. For instance, “internet” is a general topic.

It is important to write an issue that is more specific which will give comprehensive and deeper information about this topic. It is important to narrow down the topic; for instance to “facebook.” Moreover, it is advisable to further develop  it into a particular topic for example How Facebook Influence Teenagers. After a specific topic has been selected, it is now the time of start brainstorming about the topic, doing research and making outlines of information obtained. As the person researches the topic, it is appropriate to make notes and record what is learned. This makes it quite easier to develop an outline from notes already taken.

There are many kinds of essays that students are normally expected to write while in college. These different forms of essays entail writing skills which students are required to develop when learning. Mastering the styles of these essays enable students to focus on the contents and structures of the essays. First, narrative and descriptive essay tells a story that can be fiction or fact, but this will depend on the assignment given.

Instructors, usually, look for dialogue, characterization, plot development and descriptive details. Secondly, cause and effect essays explain the cause and outcome of an issue or context. For example, an essay might illustrate the establishment of treaties prior the First World War. В It is vital to research all causes and impacts and ensure they logically support of the thesis topic on how a specific cause resulted into particular impacts.

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Third, augmentative essays expect students to select a side on a specific matter and argue the advantages of that side of the contention. These essays allow freedom of interpreting sources, statistics and facts, though a student must defend his interpretation efficiently. Fourth, compare and contrast essays illustrate differences and similarities between two issues.

The essays must be organized according to the issues being discussed. Fifth, division and classification essay asks student to organize things based on categories. These things are sorted into useful categories. The writer must ensure that all categories comply with a single organizing standard. The writer also should give examples which suit every category.

Going further, a persuasive essay expects a writer to convince others to accept or agree with her facts, share her values, and accept her arguments and conclusion. Persuasive essay could be based on anything a writer wants to express, but the aim is to convince others accept the authors opinion. Seventh, definition essay defines a concept, term, or word in detail by offering a personal commentary based on what particular subject implies.

For example, the term glass”; the writer will tell readers what the word glass means. The writer must give clear and essential information using facts and examples to enable readers understand. Lastly, analysis essays expect students to examine carefully and evaluate the text of literature. Students must break down different elements of the literature, examine and evaluate their significance

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